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AvatarWhy watch for a period of time suddenly go fast, travel time is not stable? Automatic mechanical watches with shockpro of http://www.yha-travel-insurance.co.uk ability, but if the impact

Too large, such as vigorously waving wrist, the impact will make spring up together, to watch too fast or even shut down; more impact will let out of watch hairspring,

Damping device off, the speed of http://www.channel-ferries.co.uk the needle dislocation, which is fatal for the speed control system. Often suffer from great impact, will make winding efficiency, even failure.

What is the "luminous table"? And what is the difference between the electroluminessent table

Commonly known as the "luminous table" refers to the nail on the hands or word coated with fluorescent powder, in the dark or light visible hand nail hand

Table. There is also a kind of luminous watch is in the middle of 90s appeared to make the entire surface of the fluorescent light. The difference between the two is as follows: 1), luminous watch by

Absorption of natural light energy, while the power of the electric meter can be relied on the battery. 2), luminous watch the "glow" light is visible only in the http://www.kidsmoneyland.co.uk dark, but as long as the electric fluorescent table

The corresponding according to the system at any time can shine. ), 3 light emitting time luminous watch by absorption time and light intensity limit, the electric battery power limit by fluorescence.
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