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Guest, 02.09.2016, 11:47:59 (преди 7 години)
AvatarHow to wear in order to better Whether it is a gentleman or lady, from the wear and use the watch can be obvious master's literacy, especially men, for http://www.expowatches.co.uk their love such as table With a lover love, right wearing a watch will make you more graceful bearing.

1, keep watch clean and tidy. If the watch is dirty, no matter how good your personal image, will be greatly reduced.

2, watch strap should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight not only unsightly, will also affect the hand blood circulation; too loose is not only convenient, but also easy to damage Watch and wrist.

3, the general watch should be worn in close to the wrist joint position. Men can be more close to the hand, the woman can be http://www.rolexreplicauk.co.uk the opposite, so as to set off a slender hand, more Gentle.

4, wash your hands should be the first to take off the watch. This is the best time to reflect your gentleman demeanor, but also the basic quality of the watch. 5, timely adjustment of watches Travel time. Don't leave a bad impression on time. My wrist is very thick to do To consider the design of the watch watch strap length of the wearer's wrist size.

Conditions are usually quite long, in the room, about 20 cm, if your wrist particularly rough, you can also consult the owner. Relatively small wrist customers can enter Line regulation. Pay attention to http://www.kidsmoneyland.co.uk the professional repair table is very simple, very simple, but do not adjust their own, because they do not have specific professional tools and techniques to easily damage; of course, like a table With no need.
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